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redimp Dec 26, 2004 5:41 AM


I purchased a [highlight= #ffff88]DSC-[highlight= #88ffff]M1 approx a month ago and so far have been very impressed. I used to own a Fujifinepix M603 which until the [highlight= #88ffff]M1 appeared was the best digiital camera for movie. I have noticedthat exposure in movie mode in indoor or subdued lighting isn't to good especiallywhenI zoom inwhen the subject becomesdarker the closer I zoom in,my Fuji was better. I also noticed in mivie mode that the end product is smoothwhen in automatic modeyet when I select any other manual mode the end product is jirky though exposure improves, again my Fuji was better. How doyou M1 ownersfind these functions on your [highlight= #88ffff]M1? Don't get me wrong I love the camera but am wondering if these issues with movie mode are the same on all [highlight= #88ffff]M1's, I live in the UK and I don't know anyone else with an [highlight= #88ffff]M1 to compare results.I spoketo Sony Uk who didn't know the [highlight= #88ffff]M1 even existed(can you believe that) they had to surf the net to find it on the Sony main website whilst I was talking to them.

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