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I have it repaired, it took 2 months to get the parts, they said they replace the board and it was back order at sony.

two days after, the issue comes back.

This is the issue, P200 by default fire flash twice, first is pre-flash to get reading of the exposure then fire the flash while taking the picture with information gathered on the pre-flash. My issue is sometime the preflash fires but the actual flash did not fire. Other time the pre-flash did not fire, then the actual flash fire full power and blow out the picture.

I don't see you selling me the flash would help, how would the camera does the exposure? how would it sync if you don;t know which flash to sync (pre-flash or actual flash?)
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I search the web and found a couple guys has the issue. I definitely would warn any body I care for staying away from P200.

Bought the camera in feb, notice the issue in may, bring it for repair early july, got it 2nd week of sept, still not fix. I know it is manufacturer defect, but hey, I don't expect repair for that long.

And you know what Sony said when I called them, it is within warranty term, thats it.

On the other hand, I could encourage more people to buy it, so more volume, more chance of the defect, more complain, and maybe Sony would recall or replace my camera.

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Sony only rfc customer cameras if lense defects or extreme motherboard damage.
not with flash issues

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If youre still having problems with it, then send it in again. NEVER send a Sony camera anywhere for repair other than the Laredo Texas repair center!! Email me for the address!!

Do the online form and send it to Laredo. They will fix it and have it back to you within 2 weeks.

Ive never had any problems with my P200, you cant say the model is bad just because you got a bad one.
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