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Ladidah Mar 21, 2007 7:58 PM

Last June I bought a Sony DSC-P200 at Sam's. I wanted something small that used regular old memory sticks (I've had Sony cameras for years and have a quantity of Memory Sticks already).

I just got back from a ten day trip and about half my pictures are ruined because of dust in the lens. I blew it out with compressed air, but dust (and even a small piece of fiber/fuzz) came back and messed up my shots.

The good news is that repairs are free since it has been less than a year since I purchased it...but what guarantee do I have that the problem won't return?

I can return it to Sony for free rapair, or I can take it back to Sam's and buy something new.

I know this dust/lens problem is common in the P200 camera. Has anyone here had the problem fixed to satisfaction by Sony?

I really want to like this camera, but this dust problem is a biggie. I'm a poor student so my purchases need to be carefully thought out. Any advice would be welcomed, thanks.

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