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sintualex Dec 27, 2002 9:42 AM

DSC-P31 owners !!!!
I got a dsc-p31 3 days ago and i have a couple of q. for you:
1. What sharpness do you use and when?
2. Is it better to leave the auto exposure or change it manually?
3. Is the auto white balance or the outdoors balance better outdoors?
4. When do you use Multipoint AF and Centre AF ?
5. Do you use light spot-metering(right arrow) ? When?

Thanx a lot!

UrbanPhotos Jan 20, 2003 1:51 AM

1. I always just use the default.
2. I often use -1.0 for outdoor pictures, or else they look washed-out.
3. I usually use auto. Sometimes I set it for tungsten white balance when shooting outdoors to get a special effect. It makes everything look cold and bluish.
4. I use center AF. I am accustomed to just using center AF and doing a focus hold on my subject. I don't often take picutures with an off-center subject that's a lot closer than the background.
5. I use spot metering about half the time. It's good for when there's a certain element of the picture that you want to be the basis for the exposure. It's also good for special effects. Spotmeter the brightest part of a sunset and the picture will have tons of contrast, with the trees, buildings, or whatever else protrudes above the horizon appearing only as silhouettes.

By the way, I love the night scene mode of this camera! :)

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