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That Dude Nov 27, 2007 3:59 PM

I have a couple of DSC s500 Cams that were dropped on the lenses and smashed them back up into the telescoping mechanism. Anybody know how to remedy this problem? HOw do you disassemble the lens to reset the Guides / Timing if such an animal exists?


CyberShotNut Dec 1, 2007 7:55 PM

Years of trial and error is how I learned to repair various lenses. Sony service centers don't even work on lenses, they are replaced as a complete assembly. In my opinion the S500 is one of the worst Sony cameras I've ever seen, it's hardly worth putting any time or effort in to repairing one.

That Dude Dec 11, 2007 9:20 PM

They are pretty shotty. Dang... Seems like once you drop it on the lens it smashes it out of timing. These days I have nothing to do since I can't work due to an eye injury so I have time to mess with this stuff until my favorite cartoons come on. Like a kid again....Anyway, I have, after reading your post and much wasted time (like I have a plane to catch) trying to figure out how to disassemble an S500 lens, I just throw'em in the can. I get'em cheap from a local spot. I fixem and givem to kids who make straight "A's" at my daughters school....when they drop below a B average I tell the parents to send it back..hahaha...I have received 2 back!...Parents should really check the photos these kids take. Thats all Ima say about that.....
Thanks for the heads up. I wont waste anymore time on the lenses...

-= That Dude =-

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