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zackk28 May 12, 2007 4:58 PM

I've had the DSC S 600 for nearly 8 months and i really love the Camera

wide angle view

Carl Zeiss Lens

AA Batteries (6x Ni-MH 1300)

2 x 2 GB Cards

Batteries Last for ages

I was away on holiday for 8 weeks to Northern India and took over 800+ pics in temperatures of 45C never let me down

Bad points

sometimes Fails to focus on subject when flash fires

A little noisy over 200 ISO


Camera History

1999-2001 Cheap DC (.08 MP)

2001-2006 Sony P50 (2.1mp)

2006- Sony DSC S600

2007 E500

Amritsar (Northern India) Golden Temple in the Distance

Resized to 1024x768 edited in PS CS2 (auto levels, unmaskSharp)

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