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Hy Fellows.

I am writing from Brazil.. I just returned from Detroit and I couldnĀ“t resist on buying my first digital camera. I brought with me a Sony DSC-T1 and I can say that I was expecting more than I saw after some shoots. I got really sad when I losta lot of imagesin the Henry Ford Museum (indoor situations). I have been trying to find one way to solve shake-hands that is afffecting image quality and I am not satisfied with the red-eye problem and the range of the flash. Some of you can say that I am asking too much for a compact camera, and I can agree with you on some situations.

When I was looking for a camera I saw the Sony DSC-W1 as I choice but I declined when I saw T1 in front of me.

I spent all of my day reading some posts here and I am not sure if I did the right thing. I am thinking on sell this one and re-buy a W1.

Reading the posts I saw some of you saying that W1 has better image quality and counterpart T1 has pockeability and good image quality too. I would like to have one camera that can give me good conditions under low light situations (indoor) and good quality also the option to capture moving objects, like cars, air models (my hobby).

Is there anything I can do with my T1 in order to reduce shake-hand problems under indoor situations ? Will I have great advantages changing my T1 by a W1 ?

I would appreciate your comments.



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It seems you might be asking a great deal of any compact camera. Moving images and large indoor low light areas are really the situations where you ideally need full shutter/aperture priority and manual modes plus good fast lenses.

Of course you can do better than the T1 but I'm not sure if you will gain enough of an improvement for the expense of swapping for something like a W1.

My guess is that outdoors in good light, and assuming you are good at holding the camera still, there will not be a huge difference between the T1 and W1.


However move indoors and the W1 (like most other compacts) will have a better flash range than the T1....but not that great in terms of a museum. Perhaps your T1 flash was OK at 6-8ft and the W1 would go out to 11-13ft, but I bet you need at least 20ft or more in museum situations.

Also something rarely mentioned is the spread of a compact camera's flash at maximum range. Yes you can reach out to 12ft OK with something like a W1 but if you are using wide angle to get all of a subject in the fall off of flash light towards the edges is annoying. You will find a darkening and noise developing in these "shadow" areas.

The only way to do what you needmight beto use a slave flash (Sony do one plus there are other makes)which may be capable of helping your T1 images get as good as a W1 would with a slave. But the T1 hasn't even got a tripod socket for mounting the slave has it?

I must mention that the Sony V1 had the greatest range and spread of any compact camera flash I've used recently...really quite acceptable without a slave.

If you do not want to use a flash because of the way it lights (or doesn't!)the images you will have to use a tripod indoors. Even then I have a gut feeling the T1, with that tiny lens,would not produce such good natural light images as the W1 or others. Personally I dislike taking natural light images in large indoor locations, white balance is often hard to resolve and clarity seems to suffer.

Funnily enough I was talking about this very topic yesterday to a SLR film enthusiast. He commented in such locations it was better to go for closer in detail shots rather than capture larger views. For example in an aircraft museum to capture detail like nose art rather than try and get the whole aircraft.

Moving images.

I've talked about this a couple of threads down and not all agree with me but I'm ill at ease with the W1 manual mode as a way of getting faster shutter speeds in fast moving situations.

Ideally you need a shutter priority mode like the V1, but I guess that is too big a camera for you? Canon models like the A80/S50/S60 are very well equipped with such modes.

If not full shutter priority modes then I would wish for a Sports/Fast Shutter mode like your T1 andthe P100.

Last on my list for capturing fast action would be the slightly cumbersome W1 manual mode.

One thing I'm not sure about, does your T1 have the tracking focus modes like the W1 and P100? I think this does help with a moving target.


Frankly your needs are such that a very capable camera like the V1 would give by far the best results but I do assume a small size is a need or there was no reason to get a T1. If I'm right in that then my guess is that a P100 with the Sony slave flash would suit you best. You will have a small camera with fast shutter and manual modes and a resonable standard flash,plus you'll have a neat extra flash that can be screwed on for specialindoor occasions. You might like to get a small tripod or decent monopod as well. Moving away from Sony the Canon S60 might suit also.

Hope that helps,


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My experience with the T-1 is much the same as yours. It's a bit disappointing. Rather than repeat my comments here on the T-1, I'll refer you to this thread where I just posted.


Cameras that are going to perform much better inside are those like the Sony f828 or the Canon G5. And, of course, there are many others. I don't have any expereince with the W1 so can't comment.

I find myself shunning the T-1 as it sits in front of me on my desk, knowing that my results are going to be less than I want.

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