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CyberShotNut Apr 5, 2005 9:46 PM

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If anyone has read my earlier posts on the T1, you know I'm not a big fan of the T1. For anyone who may be interested in the T33, well it isn't much better. The flash is no different from the T1 to the T33 and is still extremely weak, but when I brightened the images from both cameras in photoshop the T33 pictures were slightly sharper and slightly less noisy. In outdoor day*********s both cameras perform pretty well with the photos from the T33 being a little more accurate in color. There are a few differences in software and features between the two, but not enough difference for me to go into detail about it. As for shot to shot speed, they are very similar with the T33 being just barely faster.

The T33 is slightly bigger than the T1 as you can see by my photo of the two below. The T1 fits in the T33 dock, but the T33 doesn't fit in the T1 dock. The T33 dock has tripod threads on the bottom, so T1 owners may want to look for a T33 dock so you can tripod mount your camera. The T33 is lighter and feels to be a little cheaper made than the T1, probably more of Sonys cost cutting. The one think I liked about the T33 is the clip that holds the battery in when the battery door is open, I hated when I would swap the memory in the T1 and have the battery fall out!

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