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The lens was not dirty, i double checked that while i was there.

Like i said, the shop i bought the camera from and Sony themselves confirmed that this was normal and due to the configuration of the camera, the lens is too close and level with the flash which causes reflections of dust particles in the air that are close to the lens.

I can not see how turning the flash intensity up would have helped, it would have made it worse imo, more light more dust halos.

I did make a loss selling it, but as i do take shots with flash the camera had a very limited use for me. Taking flash shots at home gave much the same results but not as bad as the two i posted. Most shots had at least one or two dust halos in them.

"The price of a small camera is knowing its limits", Thats true, i did not expect SLR results but i did expect more from a manufaturer such as Sony. I didnt think i was pushing past the limits of the camera, these are just normal shots at fairly close range.

If you look around plenty of others complain of the same problem.




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To be more specific about my comments on camera limitation, it has more to do with the fact the camera is a sub-compact camera. If you had something SLR-like you probably would not have this problem. You'll probably be happier with a sony h5. The flash is far more powerful and the lens captures more detail.

fyi i have the t11 so i know just how frustrating this thing is indoor. I would have thought the t50 flash/camera would be better designed. that is why i'm looking at dSLR's. A better flash, with distance from the lens, and a wide-aperture lens. That's the sweet spot!

what r u replacing this camera with? As i said, sony h5/h9, Canon A710IS (cheap version of G7) are better choices for your needs.
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In the end i decided on the Cannon a570is. Its compact but not as small as the t50, and i am so far very pleased with it.

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