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Old Oct 26, 2005, 11:31 AM   #1
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For current owners of the Sony DSC-V3 digicam, any complaints / regrets with this digicam?

Anyone try any of the following Sony accessories?
- Sony HVL-F32X External Flash
- Sony VCL-DEH07VA 58mm 0.7x Wide Angle Conversion Lens
- Sony VCL-DEH17VA 58mm 1.7x Telephoto Conversion Lens
- Sony VCL-M3358 58mm Close-up Lens
- Sony VF-58CPKS 58mm Polarizing Filter Kit
- Sony VF-58M 58mm Neutral Density Filter Kit

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No major complaints. There are some noise issues and some sharpness issues at f8. It works great with the 32x flash. I have also used the closeup lens with success. It is a nice backup, carry around camera.
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Old Jan 15, 2006, 6:15 PM   #3
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My main complaint would be that I had a major problem with the infolithium battery in the sense that it just died and it wouldn't charge. I had to buy another one. And all this only after a few months of use.

Other than that, the camera was great and that "Night Shot" mode was just about as sweet as it gets.
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Old Jan 29, 2006, 9:02 PM   #4
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I have had my DSC-V3 for about 5 months now. Excellent camera and very few complaints.

Will focus in zero light levels. External flash works a treat - I use an old Pentax flash and aperture priority.

Program shift mode is neat.

Only real issues I have from time to time are the LCD is prone to streaking with extreme contrasts, e.g. a bright object on a black background and manual focus settings sometimes difficult to get right (these are a series of pre-sets so you need to be within range when shooting large apertures).

Battery life is good and I like the remaining time in minutes.

I use the Sony VCL-DEH07VA Wide Angle Conversion Lens which gives great results. I bought mine on eBay - brand new for around 1/2 price but needed to wait a while for one to come up (I missed the bidding on a second hand one previously).

I bought a circular polariser also on eBay. The Sony one is too expensive.

The close up lens would be useful as not the best camera at close focusing. Will focus to 10cm to about 2.4x zoom but it is still not a great result. Only focuses to about 40cm beyond that.

F8 issue is easy to deal with using the Program Shift mode but is isn't as bad as claimed. The images at around f/4 are so sharp that it appears worse than it is. While there is a noticable softening when viewing at large maginfications, unless you are doing some serious cropping - it simply won't be seen in printed photos.

I think it is a very good camera, and other than the Olympus C-7070 there isn't anything better.
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