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Ibought DSC-W1 two weeks ago. I used the auto mode to shoot pictures. Although LCD showed my shots were ok, the pictures downloaded to pc actually were not clear, nor have sharpness. I have small kids. Therefore, the pictures need to be taken quickly and I cannot use any manual mode as I must do snap shots. Here are my problems.
(1) in some of my pictures, a kid face was not clear while other kids were ok. Obviously this kid moved. Isn't it a problem of shutter speed?
(2) The picture quality changed when I zoomed in. I was at a recital, I could not get good shots of my kids performance as I used zoom function. The distance is about 20 feet.
(3) in the auto mode, what should be the proper setting in order to make pictures clear? I did not change any manufacturer settings but the focus setting from single to monitor. Is it my problem to have fuzzy pictures?
(4) I set the picture size at 3M because I want to have more shots. Does picture size impact the picture clarity? (i.e. should set at 5M?)
(5) I use SanDisk memory stick pro instead of Sony's. Would this affect the picture quality? My husband thinks so.

I used Sony DSC-P52 a year ago. All my pictures turned out to be verygood with that camera. The W1's picturescannot compare at all. I am thinking of returning this camera. But my inner feeling tells me it is me who does not know how to use this camera. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
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well forgot about the auto mode as W1 uses slow shutter speeds 1/40 which results in blurred pics until and unless u have a steady hand.
This camera is not good at taking sharp pics when it comes to auto mode.so u have to either use program mode or manual mode to increase the sharpness then u have quite good pics.
well for kids moving u have to use faster shutter speed (the W1 has 1/1000 shutter speed) in manual mode along with autofocus(or use flash if u are indoors or lowlight) to capture kids moving.
There is also another option that u can use continuous or burst capture option to take quick pics as long as u hold the shutter and then see which pic is usable.but here in burst mode one put of ten pics is usable, depends upon the preformance at that time.
Dont know wheather u are using digital zoom or optical zoom.The pic quality decreases if u use digital zoom .with more optical zoom u have more chances of geting blurred pics with slightest of movements if u dont use a tripod or rock steady hand.
well the pic quality or clarity has no effect if u use 3 mp or 5mp.its the resolution of the pics and prints sizes matters when u go for developing large prints.
the memory stick of both companies are good.either u can use sony or sandisk No change in pic quality .the performance of the camera increases and good movie mode if u use pro sticks.
for good sharp and contrast pics mose of the users are using it in program and manual mode along with + sharpness and -contrast to capture good pics.
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The Sony DSCW-1 like many point & shoot digital cameras have their limitations. One of the problems that some people have reported have been blurry non focused pictures. In most cases this is not the fault of the camera. Let me go over some points that will make digital photography more fun and rewarding.

The first thing I would recommend to some whoare having focus problems with the W1 or any digital camera, is to reset the camera. On the W1 the reset button is on the bottom of the camera. Usingthe tip of aball point pen pressed into the hole will reset the camera. The next step is understanding the camera and how to use these newer, faster digital cameras. The older digital cameras were slower and took its' time to set the exposure and focus, creating a lot of lag time. The newer series of Sony cameras, like the W1, has a very fast processor, establishing a very short lag time on par with a digital SLR camera. In doing so has added other considerations that the photographer needs to be aware of. I will go over some of these now.

The W1 camera can snap the shutter before the camera has had a chance to focus properly. To shorten the focusing process I recommend in the setup menu to put the Focus on Monitor. This means the camera is always focusing without pressing the shutter button half-way down. This is great when you are rushing to get the shot and not paying attention to the green focus light being on steadyfor confirmation of the focus. Thedown side to this is that it will drain more from the battery which is a small price to pay for getting pictures in focus. The next consideration for focusingit to establish as whether you want spot or multiple focus. I mainly use spot focus for my style of shooting.

The next thing to remember is that the Sony cameras will always choose the slowest shutter speed in theAuto Mode to allow well exposed photos. The problem is that can lead tocamera shake for some people and if your subject is moving can lead to image blur. You should shoot in either P (program)Mode or M (manual) Mode to take control of your camera.In the P Mode you can control the ISO settings (I use mainlyISO 200), you can control what type of focusing (multiple or spot), you can control the plus or minus exposure value (EV), and you have other option controls in the menu that you can choose from which you cannot do in the Auto Mode.

Ishoot mainly in Manual Mode because itallows me control of faster moving subjects. With enough light you can bring the shutter speed up to1000th of a second. You only have twof/stops tochoose from. You can look into the monitor to see which exposure looks better to you.You can also use the histogram to take full control of your exposure. Of course in the 3:2ratio setting you will not have the histogram available. When I'm establishing the right exposure I will use the histogram in the 5 Msetting and then switch to 3:2 if I am going to print mainly 4x6" prints. I believe most P&S cameras only allow 4:3 aspect ratios matching that of a regular television set. All profession digital SLR cameras only give you 3:2 aspect ratio. The 3:2 ratio is better for printing and publishers usually prefer that ratio.

There are other things I could get into, but I think for now this should be enough to start taking great pictures with the W1. Let me make one point. You have a choice to let your camera control you or you can take control of your camera.
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All cameras, whether they are digital or SLRs, if they have auto-focus you will get some blurry pics along with your clear ones. That's just because auto-focus is not a perfected technology, even after all these years.

Many times though a picture is blurry because the picture taker fails to press the shutter button halfway down for the autofocus to lock and then continue pressing it down to take the picture. Also, if your hand is not steady you can have blurry pics.

For me the best setting on my W1 was "P" on the dial and then in the menu put the sharpness to "+" and the saturation to "+". That gave me the best photos.

Most cameras lose some resolution/sharpness when you zoom in. Optical zoom is good but it still isn't as clear as no zoom and digital zoom is still not a very good technology.

If you set your megapixel setting to 3MP you most definitely do lose resolution!! It does impact the clarity. Technically it should only affect the quality by the size paper you print it on but I found in ever case that shooting in 5MP mode gives better quality photos and more clarity even on the computer screen. Do some tests for yourself to see.

I have never heardthat the brand of memory stick affects the picture quality. But a little secret, Sony actually makes "Sandisk" cards.

The W1 was for me the best camera I've ever had. I've had a lot of digital cameras too, different brands too and it has the best color and my pictures were amazing with it! But some people have different tastes in what they like about their pictures.
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Great Tips guys I tried changing my settings to P mode and 200 took some photo's inside my house under dark conditions and turned out very well,Do you use the same P mode for outdoor shots I was using the outdoor setting (tree symbol )and with flash.Thanks again I will have to play with it more...Dave
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I used the "P" mode outdoors too. It gave me the best pictures! It would have been better if that was the auto mode. Oh well....:?
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I am very grateful for so many people providing tips of how to use W1. I will try your suggestions. Once again sincere thanks.
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