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Bought a DSC-W100 for candid shots and to carry around in the diaper bag. The camera takes great quality photos and has some nice features. However, it seems like a 2 or 3 sec delay to snap a picture. My cell phone takes faster pictures!!! I have tried various settings to try and improve the delay, but nothing has worked.

Does anyone else have this problem with this series of camera? Any recommendations? It's gonna be tough to take candid shots if there is such a long delay.

I may have to revert back to carrying my 300D, it is just too large and bulky to carry everywhere. :?
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I assume your 300D is the Canon dSLR Rebel ... if so you have experienced very little shutter lag with it. Most dSLRs turn on fast and shoot fast.

However, for most P&S cameras the shutter lag is extremely noticeable ... they fidget and grind and move the optics around a bit before finally focusing on the subject. Hence shutter lag. Most of the P&S cameras in our home exhibit very noticeable lags from turn on. You pretty much have to learn to live with it and learn how to reduce the lag.

To help reduce the lag, once the camera is turned on and ready, aim/focus at your subject, hold the release half-way down, and then finish the press when you have the smiles/scene you want. Since most all elements have "set", there is virtually no lag.

However, for active kids running all around, most P&S cameras are just too slow, IMHO, and the exact moment escapes you unless you are good at anticipating. If you want to know more about this subject, look up shutter lag in the search box.
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Thanks for the info! I'll search "shutter lag" and read up on tips and tricks for reducing lag.
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Your W100 is capturing and processinga 8-megapixel image and recharging the flash unit, 2-3 seconds is not slow, it is normal. Your cellphone is processing a sub-megapixel image so it is no wonder that it is faster than the W100.
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