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MLM Sep 1, 2005 2:32 PM

hello...I bought my DSC-w5 a month ago now.. Before I bought the camera, I read some review from the following site:, and Digital Camera am satisfied with the review of the following website that why i decided to buy this againts Olympus MJU-500...I also consider the speed and the large LCD display...I'm satisfied with the quality of the image it produce...
But my problem is since i bought the camera I notice that the skin tone is too warm...specialy indoor and using incandecent lightning..i also have problem of taking group of people 5-10 person..the skin tone are not evenly distributed. Usually reddish at the left and right side than the center...
I already used different combination adjust the saturation to -...but still i'm getting reddish skintone...

is there any one who can give me the right setting for DSC-w5 indoor specially in low light...I'm usually using the manual mode..shutter 50 f2.8-4.0...or is it a factory defect..

Other dan than dat i'm happy with its features and fast performance...especially video..


kenmck15 Sep 11, 2005 6:50 AM

Hey mate

I also own a DSCW5B and i had a similar problem with my cam. But my issue was easliy solved by using the White balance mode Tungsten and the skin tones suddenly lost their yellowy tinge. Unfortunately i have only photographed 2 subjects at a time so i have not noticed any yellowy distortion around the edges of the image.


MLM Sep 11, 2005 7:40 AM

thx for the reply...i will try to use that tungsten WB..what mode r u using? P or M...i think sony has difficulty in flourescent set-up...

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