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minase Jul 26, 2006 11:03 AM

Hi guys! I just bought a Sony DSC-W50 after seeing some beautiful sample pics in Steve's review and other users online. However when I took someshots yesterday, I noticed all of them had this fuzzy/grainy feel. I have since tinekered with the settings of all sorts of lighting/focus/flash combinations but still have this problem. I noticed that even in some of Steve's sample pics, some of this graininess is apparent but not nearly as distracting as mine. I am using ISO 80, so I don't think its the iso setting that's the issue. I used to own a canon s30 and the picture, although smaller in resolution, was much superior to the sony dsc-w50. (it just looked much smoother without this type of artifacting)

Does anyone know what feature I should be looking for to correct this grainy look, and if they could share some settings to provide me with theclearest all-around shots?

Thanks in advance!

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