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mylan Nov 21, 2020 4:18 PM

DSC-W830 Not Transferring All Pics To My PC
Just replaced my Sony DSC-T10 which I purchased in 2006 with a DSC-W830. I am finding it much easier to take pictures (mainly of small items for eBay) BUT I am having issues transferring the pictures to my computer. I use Paint Shop Pro and I have no problem with it seeing the USB port that I have connected my Sony to. The problem is that yesterday I took 2 pictures before I installed the memory card and today I took 6 more with the memory card. I can see the pictures on my camera but they will not install when I click on the DCIM file. The only 2 pictures that are in there are yesterdays.

Can someone kindly direct me in the right direction!

Ozzie_Traveller Nov 21, 2020 4:40 PM

G'day Mylan

I am not a Sony user, nor a Paintshop Pro user but will try to help as best I can

The biggest thing to avoid with ALL camera to computer uploads is for some software package to automatically do the transfer "to make it easy for you" ... this is dangerous as you have no control over what is transferred nor where it is transferred to. Inevitably the images are loaded into a folder given the date of the transfer ~ and after a year or two you have dozens and dozens of folders all called by the date, and none called by the subject of the images ~ meaning that it becomes nearly impossible for you to find a specific image that you are seeking

I suspect in your case that the images are in two different DCIM folders and the transfer software is only accessing one of those folders

I suggest that you use Windows itself to look into the camera or card reader (whichever is being used) and let it display all the folders so that you can actually see what is there

Then I suggest that you have a target folder in your computer that is now used to receive EVERY transfer of images from the camera. Then you can move these camera images sideways inside your computer's Pictures Folder into new folders that you create, each titled with a name than makes sense to you. This way you can find any image even a year or more after you have taken the photo

Let me give you a parallel example .... you come home from a day's shopping and place all the stuff on the kitchen table. Then some goes into the fridge, some goes to the pantry, some goes to the bathroom and the kitchen table is empty ready for next time AND you know where everything has been put so that you can find it easily

Hope this helps

mylan Nov 22, 2020 3:19 PM

So - I did figure it out - Sony has something called Play Memories and it opens in another USB port. I tried to delete this program but it is not installed on my computer. It's a long story but there were 2 DCIM files and although I cannot delete the wrong one, I can now download with PSP to the correct port.
Thank you for your help...

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