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mollymalone Jan 12, 2005 3:42 PM

I can see the pictures when I playback them in the camera. I copy them to computer and they are in their folder. I see them as thumbnails in the folder. When I click on a thumbnail to open, they open as streaks of color like a TV whacked out. I tried opening from photoshop and Ulead and the same thing happens. This is my first flashcard can I be doing something increidbly dumb and setting something wrong?? I have usedthe Sony Mavicas and film cameras and am dealing with computers all the time so I thought I could figure this out but I am stuck.. Reread all the instructions. Tried 2 different flashcards and my PC and MAc and get same problem. Tried Sony tech but gave up...Tried using their Imagesetter software and same thing happens....When I tried opening in photoshop it said image may be corrupt or truncated...then I opened it and saw the same streaky image....:??:doh:


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