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35mm Jan 5, 2005 1:55 AM

Lookingtobuy a much-needed spare battery (or two) for my V1, I noticed lots of FC11-compatibles on ebay. They not only cost a good deal less than the genuine Sony battery,in most cases their capacity (mAh) is greater!

I'd sure appreciate feedback from those of you who are using, or have used 3rd party batteriesas tohow they compare toyour original Sony battery.

Cybershot455 Jan 6, 2005 3:36 AM

Had this dilemma when I bought a Sony P12 last summer. Decided I wanted two extra FC-11's for holiday use but local town shops were so expensive.

With my previous Sony P52 that took rechargeable AA's I'd found the Sony own brand batteries as good as anything and far far better than many cheap brand types that had a short life even when fully charged.

So I didn't bother with EBay "non-branded" batteries but searched all over the net for online suppliers with the genuine batteries at bargain prices...they can usually be found. I think I ended up getting mine from an Amazon Marketplace seller.

I did buy the two extra batteries but to be honest in more than six months of use I've never actually used the third battery on any one day. Two will last about 4hrs of photo taking before they both need an overnight charge...that's enough time to fill a lot of memory card space!

I will mention the best thing I did buy for the camera... a Sony BC-VC10 stand alone charger for the FC-11's. Charges two batteries at once and stops the problem of using the camera as a very expensive battery charger!!


35mm Jan 6, 2005 1:14 PM

An external charger is a great idea... because when on vacation, the only convenient time to charge batteries is while sleeping and withan external charger, both batteries can be charged and ready to go the next morning!

Thanks for the suggestion.

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