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bigfellas35 May 5, 2005 11:42 AM


Please could anyone give me a bit of advise....

I have a Canon S100 Powershot that I lent to my brother for a wedding he was bestman at...

When he returned it and I come to want to use it, it shows 'ERROR E18'....

I've tried everything and nothing seems to work.... Anybody know a better excuse than to give it a whack with the big hammer.....?


Gary Turner

lcmb11444 May 5, 2005 12:38 PM

This is a welldocumented problem with certain types of Canon cameras, especially the SD series. Just do a search on Google for Canonplus E18 errors and you will turn up hundreds of postings. Itseems to bedue to a problem with the zoomjamming. You may also findsuggestions on how to work it looseand/or take the camera apart to fix it (if you dare!). Of course, if it's still under warranty Canon may offer to fix it butmany of theposts seem to indicate that Canon is not always very sympathetic about fixing it without paying a significant fee.....

d48 May 7, 2005 11:20 AM

The same thing happened to my Canon S100 a few months ago (which was 2 months after the 4 year warranty expired.) It worked flawlessly all those years. I had not mishandled it in any way so it might have just been bad timing thatyour E18 happened after you loaned it.

I googled and found some of these forums and now I'm addicted to them.

I tried all the basic suggestions and nothing helped my camera. But it sounds like some people have the E18 error occur occasionally and then their camera works again.

After a ton of analysis, I replaced it with the Sony P200 and I'm thrilled with it.The only downside for me is having to buy all the Memory Sticks.

I recommend you start picking out a new camera...

By the way, I was surprised to see your post here in the Sony forum.

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