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I ordered the new T30 yesterday. I looked on the SonyStylewebsite, but called their toll-free number to ask questions. I have always bought ALL my cameras from Wolf Camera, as they have such a GREAT return policy... money back w/no questions for 10 days. Also, they aresell a GREAT extended warranty.

I reached the nicest guy there at Sony... and for anyone who wants to get the same treatment, you can call their toll-free phone 877-518-7669. His name is Brian C., and his extension is 7442. I called with the intention of picking his brain - - mostly about the "on or before May 5" release date. I intended to BUY the camera from Wolf.

This guy answered all of my questions and more. TRUST ME, I could have tried anyone's patience with all of my questions. One of the best things I found on SonyStyle.com was that they have 2 types of warranties now... including one that covers accidental damage. I asked a few questions about that... he had the answers. You can cover the T-30 directly through Sony for only $69.99 for 3 YEARS!!! They even have a 4-year coverage for $99.99... although who REALLY isn't going to buy a new one before then? I make it about 2 years, personally... and my huband will inherit it on the 3rd. Do you know what WOLF CAMERA charges for their ONE YEAR EXT.WARRANTY? I believe it was $79! When I asked about getting a price break for buying more than one year, I was told that it is about an $8 discount per year for year 2 and 3. That'sOVER $200 vs. $70!!!!

Now, here is the VERY BEST PART! I saw their return policy... which I thought was excellent.Of course, I knew I'd have topay for the return shipping, buthere is the kicker!!! Remember, Wolf Camera has a very generous 10-day, no-questions-asked return policy. BUT SONY HAS A 30-DAY, no-questions-asked policy!!!!! Maybe you die-hard Sony fans know thatalready, but I didn't. Thewebsitehas a page on their cancellation policy, butthe one I found didn't list the number of days to return. It said the RMA was good for 30 days, but didn't mention how long you had to return it.. When I asked Brian, he immediately said it was 30 days FROM INVOICE DATE for ANY reason. Being skeptical [been burned before], I asked him to send me an EMAIL stating that in writing and HE DID!

Of course, I called his supervisor [Bennie] today and lavished the praise on him forbeing so pleasant andknowing all of the answers to my questions. I then told him that I immediately ordered the camera from Brian, although I said I'd never do that.:lol: The supervisor was equally nice. I originally got his voice mail, and being in management, I assumed he may never return my call. He did, and was just as nice as the sales rep. Seems that Sony must encourage all levels of sales to pay attention to the buyers' needs. Refreshing these days!

BTW, FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO CAN'T WAIT TIL IT ARRIVES, It is true that if you order from Sony, you will get it more quickly than from the stores/websites.

Thanks for allowing me to share. I just purchased the T9 from Wolf and returned it this weekfor reasons that have been corrected on the T30. BTW, there is one thing that MAY be a problem, so I need the return option. The difference in the battery life is monumental, since I take about 300 to 400 photos per concert. The one thing that I was NOT happy with on the T9 was the zoom [which wasn't lengthened on the T9] AND the ISO limitations. At a concert this past weekend in Atlanta, I was pretty far away from the stage. [Every other concert, I am at the feet of the performer, so it doesn't matter.] However, because of the distance + being outside AT NIGHT, the photos on my T9 were horrible! Thank goodness I had also brought my trusty Pentax Optio 555... my miracle camera. With the 5x zoom and LONG flash length, I was able to get a LOT of great photos and saved the night! The T30's ISO settings are amazing! I can't wait to see if it will work. With all of the other improvements over the T9, I am pretty sure I will keep it even if the night/distance issues aren't corrected with the T30. For those RARE occasions when I am in that sort of venue, I can always steal my Pentax 555 back from my husband and take it along... just in case. I thought Wolf was one of the few who had the accidental damage coverage, too. Nice surprise from Sony.

Sorry this is so long. Thought someone might appreciate knowing all of the above information about SonyStyle, and their phone sales department. I was complaining a little to the Sales Rep [Brian] about their site notlisting accessories to purchase with the camera. He told me that after I get the camera and register it, I will receive a coupon for nice discounts on the accessories. Cool, huh?

Hope this post will work as a thanks for the great info I've obtained for a long time from your website. Maybe I'll post again after I receive and try out the T-30. I can't WAIT!


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Thank you for that! It definitely helps me make my decision between the t9 and t30. My only concern w/ the t30 is the bigger size.. How much larger is is than the t9? I loved the size of the t9.. If it's small enough that I can pocket it (women's jeans are not so loose , that would be fabulous. Also-- with the warranty for accidental damage, can you get that if you don't order the camera from sony? I'm ordering it from an online retailer, where I'm getting it much cheaper ($390). How pleased are you with the low light performance and flash ability? Anything would help--Thanks!
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Loved the camera and STILL had to send it back. Sony has a 30-day return policy. Because I do concert photography, and need to catch those cool shots veryyyy quickly, I need a camera that will shoot immediately when I press the shutter button. I spent a lOT of time online ... emails... with Sony's techs and tried to work it out. However, the Sony's all require that you half-press the button first, then continue to press after it is focused. There went the shot i wanted. Because I was trying to catch those photos, I would end up pressing over and over... and then maybe it would take the pic. I missed everything. no matter what you set it on, you must half press first. The techs last words were: You need to learn to use the half press to get better photos. Geez.

Otherwise??? OMG, it was awesome. Teeny, tiny. Yes, it lived in my jeans pocket, too. That's the best part. I was impressed with every single part of the camera. Iwasn't all that impressed with the little slideshow button, until i discovered I could load it up with my own music!!! I had several slideshows playing different music. The main one being "Truly Believe" by Edwin McCain. Another, "Lost in America" by Edwin. Just happens that he just released a new CD, so I had TONS of fun loading up the new camera with those tunes. LOVED showing off my photos and my favorite music. Cool!!!

I have NO idea, but I'd call about the warranty first. I got the impression that it was available through Sony when you purchase the camera. But who knows???

okay, well, that's about the all I have for you. I would have kept the camera if I had been able to just point and shoot quickly. Won't happen. Sad!!!


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