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I have an F-828 that gave me a few years of faithful service until I replaced it with an A-350 when it started acting up.
Anyway, when I hit the power button I get a second of the green light by the shutter button lighting up and then nothing. It's the same with either of two batteries and the AC adapter. I've had it apart and there weren't any loose ribbon cables or dry solder joints, scorching, etc.
I'd like to pass this camera to my wife and I'm willing to pay to have it serviced as it is a really pleasant to use unit. Outside of Sony, does anyone work on these?
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While not directly answering your question, what did you have apart ... the camera or the AC adapter ... that may cause furtherproblems in itself?

Did you try a "known good" or even new battery? Sounds exactly like the camera is reacting to a low voltage situation caused by bad batteries.

I still use my F828 regularly, but the NPFM50 batteries do fail if you do not use them for a significant period of time as I found with my older DSCS70 when I went to raid its identical battery as a replacement. If they are the originals, and have remained unused (thus self discharging to the point of no return) for some time, that is most likely your problem.
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