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Hello All,

Today on Japanese site:


I translated to english and got this:


" * It continues to commit to high ended class

? ? Well, after DSC-F828 being sold, 1 year or more it is
passed, but is the digital camera of high ended class done in the
future how?
When you become the customer of this class of Aoki, small it just is
thin you cannot be satisfied. Picture quality and function become
important. Because F828 persevered specifications considerably, the
following model development has done, but already we would like to
receive time a little. In this class, leading technology standing on
tiptoe, even you think that it stacks and wants.
As SONY, when managing the digital camera, you must keep doing the
high functional model like F828 without fail you think that. As for
high ended class, when raising the SONY technical power, in addition,
in the user which the eye gains it is rubbed, it is important
category. In the future it does not stop development and investment
and, commitment is continued.
? ? To the last it is advanced with lens one somatotype?
There it is the difficult place, but it keeps advancing at present
with lens one somatotype.
? ? With one somatotype of the lens the SONY brand becomes easy to
sell, but with digital single-lens reflex it becomes difficult to
sell, it seems that is also the findings from that in other words, the
your general customer does not calculate the SONY brand from digital
one eye, but here how probably will be.
The fact that seems a certain way the Aoki digital single-lens reflex
user, seeks traditional ones. But, it seems that is the pentaprism on
the lens, if it is not design of general single-lens reflex, perhaps
plus working there is the SONY brand.
The customer seems that it request reformation and challenge from
SONY. In the one which likes the SONY brand, is not to can be moved
SONY where nothing changes very by boring, probably will be?
? ? There was also a rumor that SONY buys the brand of a certain
traditional camera, but.
The Aoki various case has done the study, but nothing has been
The method is certainly thought in for the field where the SONY brand
is weak, of using the traditional brand. Speaking honestly, because
digital single-lens reflex that much it is not the portion of big
business for SONY, to so doing, whether should enter, it is about to
become argument.
It has made the ? way that the digital single-lens reflex market has
extended on the one hand. SONY does not propose at all vis-a-vis there
and that there is also the argument which you say whether the ? is
Nothing has been decided, but how it becomes margin SONY it seems, it
goes with the direction which is utilized.
(Makoto Ichiro Tanaka) "


Seems Sony will update the F-828 and not bother with the DSlR business.

This makes me happy. I will sit with my F-828 (not buy a second F-828) and keep my D30 and D60 as backups (as I am doing now) until the new Sony comes out.

At that time I will buy 2 of them, sell everything else I have and be very happy for a long time to come.

Regards, Nicholas
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I believe that we're going to see a new type of a digital camera, the Digtal Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens Camera (DVILC). A DSLR is good but it has its weaknesses: the big and heavy pentaprism and mirror mechanism; the necessity to allow the space between the rear lens element and the sensor for the swinging mirror; the dark view with slow lenses or at night; the fact that the photographer does not really see the real imageto be captured by the sensor; the fact that theSLR viewfinder is totally blind whenan infrared filter isbeing used. All these weaknesses are gone when a digital vewfinder is being used. Thje quality ofthe image in digital vewfinders is getting better(Konica-Minolta A2 with its 800,ooo pixelsis a proof).

Take a DSC-F828, give it a better digital vewfinder,interchangeable lenses (not that its Zeiss Vario-Sonnar is not good) and image stabilization... and people will stand in line to get it.
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Old Mar 20, 2005, 9:21 AM   #3
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Old Mar 27, 2005, 4:21 PM   #4
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Bought our F828 a week ago; went back to the retailer where we were qu ietly told that there is a new replacement coming out. Suspiciously, the store has no 828's in stock...

There was no mention of delivery date.


edit....post (another thread)


these are photos of the Sony 939
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Old Mar 28, 2005, 10:05 PM   #5
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Sony store confirmed today that a new camera will be out by mid April. Asked what features...they weren't clear on that.

I really like the swivel, high quality lens on the 828. Hope they retain that or do it one better!

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I'm not sure why the Sony store said that but they must be confused. There is the T7 which is coming out in April and the H1 which is coming out in June (but may come out sooner because of the demand). However, no F828 replacement is planned for now. Sony USA now says that it may not come out until next year even. At the photo expo in Tokyo this month Sony said the "need more time" before they bring out the f828 replacement.

That's just what I've heard. I wish it was coming out in April!!!
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