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Default F717 versus the new DSC-V1

Can a pro please answer this: Do you think the F717 is worth its WEIGHT and SIZE for what you are getting, IN COMPARISON to the new tiny DSC-V1 ? if so, why ?

Please reply.

Thanks in advance..
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Well, I have used an F717, and I loved it (I may buy one when I have some more money). I'm interested in the V1, though. It seems to be basically an F717 with a smaller lens. The zoom is less powerful, and I also wonder if it's not as good of a lens- maybe it has more barrel distortion or something. Still, I'm interested in the V1 since it's less expensive and a lot smaller (my biggest complaint with the 717 is its odd shape). I'm also really intrigued by the "smart zoom" feature of the V1. Does anyone know anything about how it works or how good the results are? I read the review of the camera on the main site. Too bad there aren't any samples, though I can see why, since it was a pre-production camera.
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I had this question answered at another forum where they thew tomatoes at me for even trying to compare these two cameras. They said the image quality and base features of the mini V1 can't come close to the F717. The F717 remains the pro camera. The new V1 is small and gimicky. Two different markets.

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uri, i've handled the sony 717 and i feel its a fine camera even though odd but lacking in finer contro offered by canon g3, olympus 5050 and the new dsc v1. i think the dsc v1 is targeted at the serious amateur who doesn't need the long reach of the 717 and prefers portability but lots of control. i briefly owned the dsc85 and have waited for the arrival of its replacement for months. i'm dissapointed in a couple of areas: 1st no diopter adjustment, this camera must have been designed on a friday for sony to have overlooked such an ommission; i have older eyes and need this feature also field of view should be greater than 90% 2nd. where is the articulated lcd/or body that is provided by canon g1,2,3, olympus 5050, nikon 5000 etc. if sony is to be a serious player they have to dot all their i's. 3rd. brighter aperure f2/or f2.2, 2.8 please! olympus 5050 has a f1.8, canon f2. i understand tradeoffs in size but i have a contax g2 with f2 lens, compact etc. sony it can done (see dsc 85/75 camera). Uri, do you intend to work professionaly with the camera? if so maybe canon g2, olympus 5050 or wait for the new system olympus is coming out with in june. bruce g.
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