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i just bought a DSC-P93, I love it, the pictures turn out very crisp 90% of the time on auto mode. I've been playing with the camera and the software, however I haven't yet found a setting where I can change the name of the directory used to store each session's pictures on the computer. I have found where to change the default storage directory, but nowhere to change file names and directory names.

For example, the pictures download as this directory structure:

->Default directory (e.g. D:/Pictures/, lets call this 1st level)
--> Directory named "'05_06_16_01" (it seems to be date related in name, lets call this 2nd level)
--->DCIM (3rd level)
---->101MSDCF (in this directory is the pictures named DSC#####.jpg, 4th level)

I want to be able to manually change the 2nd level directory name in the software itself, and maybe even the 4th level file names to things like (home####.jpg or pets####.jpg) instead of DSC####.jpg

I tried manually changing the directory name like in Explorer but it says the picture package software needs that name. This is very annoying since a few months later I won't know what is in 05_06_16_01 or whatnot.

I'd also like to remove the 3rd level directory alltogether, but I can live without having to do that as long as I can change the names of the 2nd level.

I had a Kodak with the software that allowed you to change these settings before downloading them from the camera, but I can't find this on the Picture Package software provided with this camera.

Can someone help me with this?
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