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finalcoolman Feb 20, 2005 6:21 PM

So do the new S seriesmodels replace the current <100 P series? Like does the S40 replace the P43, S60 replace the P73 and S90 replace P93(A)?If so this is an utter disappointment from Sony (and might I add very ugly one too). First lets talk about the design, I loved the design of the P series, it was very unique and original but these stupid S series, specificly the S60 and S90 look so generic, like a $100 camera. And only 4.1 megapixels on the S90??? I was really waiting for a P94 with hopefully 6.2 megapixels or sometihing but with this disappointment I think I might have to shell out some extra money and get a P200 or get a P93A before it isreplaced. Where is Sony going to and I can almostgurantee that these cheap looking S series will all be made in China too.

tanaltan Feb 22, 2005 2:08 AM

I think the new S90 can not replace P93 with its 1/2.7'' CCD and 4.1 megapixels. P93 produces 5.1 megapixels with a 1/1.8'' CCD. Even P73 has a 1/2.5'' sensorwhich is also bigger than S90's.

Looks like we can still wait for a P94 announcement. Or a S9X announcement with a 1/1.8'' sensor or more.

sachinjr Aug 29, 2005 12:48 AM

I have had a sony s-90 for a couple of weeks now and I am completely happy with it. Surprisingly cheap for a camera of its caliber, it does not have any advanced features to satisfy serious enthusiasts but then its not meant to.. its just a simple point and shoot camera aimed at the casual user. Nontheless, I am impressed by the amount of manual control it gives you. The movie mode 640X480 @ 30 fps is a big bonus. I love its chunky feel and its big LCD screen, and have taken some very good pics with it. Although I will admit that about 6x optical zoom would have been nice.


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