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I've got a query regarding the use of converters to enable attaching telephoto and wide angle lenses.

I have a Sony DSC-P100 and have just got a VAD-PHC converter so that i can attach a telephoto or wide angle lense on it.The problem is, VAD-PHC is officially only compatible with the DSC-P200, while the VAD-PHB is the correct one for DSC-P100.

Compared to VAD-PHB, there seems to be a small distance between the camera lense and the attached telephoto lense.

That is, with the VAD-PHB on DSC-P100, when the zoom is fully extended, the lense is nearly touching that of the telephoto lense.
With the VAD-PHC on, there seems to be a little more space between the lenses.
I guess this is due to the fact that P200 is minutely thicker than the P100. Other than that, the alignment is fine, it seems to be centred correctly.

Will this affect picture quality?

Being a noob to pro-photography, i would imagine this to be a problem, especially with the wide angle lense, as light refraction may distort. Am I wrong?

The reasons I asked are:
1)I have bought VAD-PHC and would only consider paying for a slightly different VAD-PHB if the fit does affect picture quality (which can be priceless though)
2) When taking pics with the telegraphic lense (VLC-DH1730), the images lack sharpness even when i used the tripod.

Hope someone can help! :roll:
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do a search on the threads, there has been exhaustive research and discussion on this, I even posted many photos and a full review of the wide angle lens w/ a Sony H1 camera (and extender).
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Ihave spent a couple of days on the forum and so far have missed those info. I am sorryI couldn't find them.

(don't even know what keywords to use, so far i've used "telegraphic lenses", "gap", space", "adaptor" leading tomany interesting info, but not an answer to my query though.)

If someone happen to come by posts, appreciate the links. Thanks!
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