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I must admit I was excited when I bought my first "technical" camera, (H1) but I am wondering about something...

Why does the anti blur icon flash when I am at half shutter about to take a picture.

I read the manual and followed the instructions -made the adjustments needes to no avail.

I pressed the little hand on the back of the camera to "off" and "on," but still no change.

The only time it doesn't come on is when I put the dial to the little camera icon on top of the camera itself. When I take a picture then... is when I don't see the little anti blur icon flashing.

I am no expert!!!! I thought I had the time to master this camera, but other things have taken it- but I do want smooth picture taking opportunities and this is really bugging me - is it something I should worry about? My wife sure is!!!!!

It seems to me that this is a new occurance and didn't happen before when I first took pictures.

I did look at the Whitepaper, but it doesn't say anything about this.

By the way, I'm still waiting for the "cheat sheet" that I purchased 8 months ago...

Does anybody have any suggestions?

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You mean the vibration warning ?

That is a warning that is automatically displayed when picture blur is a possiblilty typically once the shutter speed drops below a certain value. Ie when there is low light the camera will hold the shutter open longer, which may produce blur if not held steady or on a tripod.

It is a warning only. It is automatic.

It is not warning there is blur, it is a warning there could be.

You still get it when the camera is held steady, if the light is bad and shutter speed drops below the preset value.

You still get it when the camera is on a tripod, , if the the light is bad and shutter speed drops below the preset value.

I repeat it is automatic, and is only a warning, it is totally normal.

There is nothing you can do to get rid of it.

The warning does not take into account whether the IS is on or off, the camera is on tripod, or anything else.

If you are steady , or the camera is on a tripod etc, then feel free to ignore it.

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Old Sep 21, 2006, 8:01 PM   #3
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Thanks for the detailed explanation - I guess the first time I really used it was in the operating room where there is plenty of light. I did not see the little blur hand then.

Would it make a difference if I had it in Manual mode and adjusted the amount of light to come in?
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Old Sep 22, 2006, 12:13 PM   #4
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Well, to get more light you either have to open the aperture the widest it can, which auto mode will presumably have done already, boost ISO , or keep the shutter open longer.

The H1 is not terribly good in low light, due to ISO 200 being the last ISO that is really usable, ISO 400 being poor, though auto mode can set inbetween ISOs such as 320 etc.

And if you let the shutter stay open longer, then the camera will suffer even more from slight shakes if hand held, so you would have even more need of a tripod.

Have a look at the shutter speed the camera can show you when you half press the shutter.

In film days to avoid hand shake the formula every one used was ashutter speed of 1/focal length .

Eg shooting at 400 mm ? Then 1/400s or faster was ok, shooting at 50mm, then 1/50s was fine.

The image stabilisation of the H1 should give you around 2 stops of stabilisation (maybe 3) so shooting at full tele, 432mm, 1/500s ( to be safe), with IS, you should be safe around 1/125s.

If you have good hands, are braced and are shooting properly, ie with viewfinder to eye, camera held in both hands, you might even get that 3rd stop of stabilisation, enabling you to take full tele shots at 1/60s without hand shake ruining the picture.

So in that case, even if the warning indicator comes on , feel free to ignore, and indeed if the camera is propped on a ledge, or on a tripod, then again ignore the warning.

Of course the very best way to avoid shake is to take pictures in bright light, so you never have to choose or use low shutter speeds, but that is a choice rarely available outside a studio!
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