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I wanted to share this pic of a mantis on my butterfly bush while out looking to shoot some butterflys
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Very nicely done, nitwit-

Thanks for posting. here is a flower macro done with the H-9.

Sarah Joyce

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Thank You Sarah, your flower pic is amazing
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I don't know how I got to this place in this forum. I have 2 digital cameras. I have a Sony DSC R1, excellent photos- when the shots aren't blurry due to me pressing the shutter too fast, they are awesome. I have a Canon A630, most shots are fine and useable, wish I had the image stabilization. Now I am thinking of getting the Panasonic FZ 18 for fun. I used a Canon S3 for 1month and gave it away as a gift -video was great. So I am looking to the FZ18 to be a super S3.

Any comments/suggestions are appreciated.

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Jerry, I too have the R1 and it's by far the best camera I've ever had (and I have had many...too many actually). The R1 shutter is a bit sensitive so you have to half press it carefully before depressing all the way or it will take the picture w/o pre-focusing. However, its IQ is superb, the camera is fun to operate and has some real neat features such as the "zebra" pattern. I rarely miss a shot with it. I also have the Sony H1 (first of the long zoom H series) and the Panasonic FZ20. I think the H1 is overallbetter than the FZ20 but the FZ20 does have some very strong pros such as a 12x zoom f2.8 lens throughout the entire zoom range (if you want to buy a similar lens for a dSLR it will cost you a fortune). It also has hot shoe for external flash and gives you the ability to fine tune the customWB. The down side of it is its high noise at any ISO other than 80. I have high hopes for the FZ18. So far, I've been very disappointed with the new long zoom models from Sony (H9) and Olympus (550UZ). The H9produces decent images (see Sarah's macro shot here) but not at its full focal length, so I think the H2 is a better camera. From what I've seen, the FZ18 has good potential. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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