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sdh Jul 14, 2008 11:14 AM

Yes I know you're not supposed to do it. But...the H1 has a sensor on the lens barrelso it knows when the lens cap is on, so if you try to power it up, it just gives a warning message on the screen.

I bought an H50 for my wife yesterday as an "upgrade". Initial impressions:

- very flimsy feeling overall

- lens cap doesn't feels it attaches toowell and could accidently slide off

- new menu system completely sucks

- turn power on w/ the lens cap attached and you hear the lens barell trying to extend agains the cap - NICE JOB SONY!!

- Focus speed seems quicker, zooming in movie mode is good and no AA batteries [the main thing we hated about the H1] but otherwise im not impressed. I see a lot of change for the sake of change and steps backward in quality.

Man I hope it gets better with some real world shooting. My wife likes super-zooms. I'll stick w/ my V3 until I eventually go DSLR.

Cyberf828 Jul 15, 2008 9:35 AM

Even though I have my point and shoots I switched to DSLR I couldn't been happier switching even though it costed me a arm, leg and a couple of ribs.

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