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nickphoto123 May 12, 2007 8:04 AM

Hello All,

Had this test in the can and finally decided how to present it to you.

Sony DSC-H9, 75x Max Telephoto test as VGA sized images. Shot May 4, 2007.

NO PP. One image cropped to eliminate person on bench. Image quality not purpose of test, saved as low JPEGS. ( normally I would save to Tiff and then re-size for web)

Tripod, Steady State on.
Wide views are at 1) max wide 31mm, 2) approximately 50 mm, normal human field of view.
Note: MM notations of 465 mm and 732 mm are lens limit, Tele photos are 75x zoom from native lens or tele convertor as noted.

What good is VGA?
After this shoot I know my surroundings at this location better than I ever did before. It opened a whole new world.

Here is the link to my Tele Test:

I am very anxious to hear your responses on this one.

P.S. If you missed my H9 'Test Conclusion' thread it is here:



steveasub May 14, 2007 6:34 PM

Hi Nick,

I may be being a bit daft, but were all of the 732mm pics taken with the teleconverter?

I think the pictures were simply astonishing, proving the quality of the lens and OIS,


nickphoto123 May 14, 2007 8:10 PM

Hi Steve,

Yes. It is Amazing, isn't it?.

I used my tripod and still used Steady State and 2 second timer ( which is functionally fantastic by the way ).

The slightest movement had a large effect on the composition.

This is actually all new to me, such a far reach ( could not afford it with my DSLR ), i get confused by 15x, 75x, tele convertor, etc.

It is alot of fun, especially to be able to share it with you allhere at Steves-Digicams.


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