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JimC wrote:

Do me a favor.... Please don't change your text color from the defaults, because it makes it unreadable with some of the board themes.

This is what your last post looks like to me using the Default Board Theme (downsized for posting)
Sorry Jim:

My internet line dropped just as I was posting, so I did a "cut and paste" from a Word doc which turned out to be black text on ablack background, so I changed the font colour. I had a look at your link and it's the first time I've seen the default mode.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll be more careful in the future.


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It's our fault. The forums software is not working the way we'd like it to with the custom Board theme (Shades) that we default new users to, since the colors we want to use are not translating correctly to other themes. There may be a way to fix it. But, we're exploring alternatives for Forums Software anyway.

So, just keep it in mind when posting. I think notepad gets around it if you need to copy and paste text from somewhere else (I've used that technique in the past OK). Or, in Linux, use something like KWrite or equivalent (which is what I do). Fun, fun, fun. lol

I can use a non-supported browser (no WYSIWYG support in WowBB) to fix posts when that happens (where I can see the code tags for the colors and remove them). But, it's time consuming. So, I usually just leave them as is when it happens (and somtimes let members know it can be a problem, as I did in this thread).

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