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A Very Sincere Thank You To

CB401, Mercurycu, Caddie,Sarah, Hagar, Foxclub6.

I believe thecommon denominator among us in this debate is not 'which camera?', but 'can we capture the moment?'

That is all that matters photographically to me. My H9 enables me to do so.


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Hi Nick,

just to say that I have followed your 'Real life Users' review of the H9 and been thouroughly impressed with the abilities of both you and the camera. Of course I don't think it's perfect, and perhaps there might be issues for a firmware update to address, but even as it is it sure offers a lot of 'bang for the buck'.

I hope that the completely unwarranted personal attacks of late haven't put you off posting your pics and opinions at all, because clearly there are lots of people out here interested in them - just look at the numbers of views!

I have no problem with people disagreeing with your posts, but they should do so with reasoned -and civil - discussion and debate.


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nickphoto123 wrote:

Yes that is me. Please ignore the grey coloring about the head. I am still waiting on a response from Sony Tech Support on this issue.

Regards to All,


You hair looks great to me. i wish i still got lots of hair leftwhen i reach your age.

ps: Aboutthe thing you told me to ignore... i thought that was some of your H9 phenomenon :lol:
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Old Jun 12, 2007, 9:51 PM   #34
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double post my bad
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Hi Nick,

I should say WOW for this wonderful debate that is going on since a long time. It has given me more knowledge abt the Sony H9.

As some one else in this debate was saying that not all the cameras are perfect, yes i do agree with that statement...

However, I just wanted to know how H9 performs in dark ( without flash or with very little light)...
In lowlight photography does
-- (If you can guess I am talking abt astrophotography)...
-> it has lot of noise
-> chromatic aberration (purple fringing)?

If yes then i would sure go for a slr or if no and its image quality is above avg in the above said conditions, then i will be goin for it...

Can you post any pics that you have taken in dark so that it would be helpful ....... Pleaseeeeee!

thank you very much.

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