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I think Cyberf828 got the right idea...borrow an H9 and run some tests. If we could all do that, it would be great. I wish Circuit City and other local camera shops would not charge a re-stocking fee. In any case, based on imagesH9 owners have posted, it appears that the camera is somewhat inconsistent. Some images look real good while others look pretty bad. Itseems that the H9 has good macro capabilities and produces decent resultsat short to medium focal length. However, as the focal length increases, the IQ decreases. A lot of detail is lost and cropping becomes less of an option (more of a problem). Color rendition is also not as good. But then again, I haven't even held one of those so my conclusions could be off.
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I've seen some good sharply focused shots at full optical zoom. I think the one of the black monkey at full zoom that I posted in the favorites thread showed what the H9cando. Even with IS though, the photographer has to make an effort hold the camera very still at 15X.

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You are making observations about long end H9 tele shots without knowing the conditions that the images were taken.

I see no inconsistancy in the images. I see different photographic abilitiies.

The good thing is the H9 is a perfect camera to grow photographically with.

I have no color problems as you refer to. Please remember that when shooting at 465 mm you have alot of atmosphere between you and your subject. In this situation the relative humidity can affect image quality and color a great deal.


I have learned that when shootng at 75x zoom VGA ( or shorter ) I hit the timer twice with my thumb for the 2 Second timer, press the shutter and then conccetrate on keeping the image centered in the EVF or LCD while the camera takes the shot. It is very effective andhelps get very well focused shots.


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