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I too am a very happy H9 owner. I was in the same position as you, having ordered mine and then reading all these reviews which started cropping up on the web. I started to wonder ifI had made a mistake.I have now had my H9 for a month and a half.

There is no denying the fact that this camera has its quirks, as all cameras do. To answer your question about high ISO shots, this is unfortunately not one of the H9's strong points. I tendto avoid using ISO 400 and up unless I know the shot I am shooting is purely a "capture the moment" shot with no intentions of getting decent quality prints out of it.

You will notice that most of Nick's shooting is done outdoors in daylight. My results under these conditions are on a par with Nick's.

The only times I have experienced the smearing issues on any of my shots have been at higher ISO settings and under low light conditions. Usually indoors at night. Under these circumstances I would recommend staying away from the Auto modes and using one of the modes which allows you to set the ISO manually (i usuallyuse the "P" modewith ISO 100 to be safe). Once you get used to this, I am quite sure you will consistently get great shots out of your H9, and the list of features crammed into this camera will ensure thatyou don't get bored while undertaking this learning curve.
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Hey brad..thanks a lot for reaffirming the confidence in the H9... u know i was totally dejected reading so negative abt it. right now i am eagerly waiting for it.. it should be in my hands on the 13th. will give my feedback on the snaps then.

on a personal note.... i love the part of RSA u livein..... i wasin Kenton on Sea for a month in 2000. was an awesome experience. pl send some photos of SA..i miss the country so much.

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Hi Exchangie and All,

These H9 shots inside the church were all at 1600:


Anyone trying to compensate for Poor Lighting by using higher ISO sensitivity will always be disappointed.

The new Canon 1D Mark III ( $4,500 ) captures great ISO 3200 shots when the image is correctly metered. Try to do the same in darker light than what is needed for an ISO 3200 exposure and you will get noise.

Shoot the H9 at any ISO at the correct metering and you will get a usable image.

Check this out:


And a revised test at a posters suggestion:


Hope this provides you with some useful info on the H9.


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Hi all..have got my H9 for abt a week now...really did not get a lot of chance to play with it. sending some of the first shots which are way below even amateur..though the lotus photos indicate the potential of the camera in good hands.


the fish photos are taken in almost no light with the superb flash at service
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