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<<guess we agree to disagree. Remember, you do not represent the entire digicam market. Every photographer has different needs and specs.>>

Yep. But I'll bet I represent thea large nimber of the prosuner users who don't want a DSLR. The market will will have the final say how well this camera sells.

<< Obviously this is not the right camera for you.... R1 addresses, namely great low light performance, a wide usable range of ISO's,and an aperature range comparble to DSLR's allowing better DOF control. >>

Features I wouldlove my ideal non-DSLR to have. But if the bird looks like a speck in the pictures or has flown the coop because the camera is slow,they don't mean squat. :-(


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I don't mind the 5x at all, and the potential for cropping lessens that disadvantage. Ido like the wide angle very much. I am a little put-off by the f/2.8, but presumably the higher usable ISO will compensate. I also sprung for the H1, but already I have wished that the glass was faster in the shade and when things were moving.
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