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stupidgrinner Jun 17, 2005 7:05 AM

Hi all. I've only just found this forum. Wish I'd found it before. Anyway..for good or bad I've ended up with a P200 after reading many good things.

First impression is good. Nice solid little thing.

Not keen on the plastic hinge at the charge flap though! Anyone got a broken one yet!

A query for you though, and I know its a memory query, so posted on that forum as well. Apologies for posting here...but thought you guys would know.

Ipurchased a Sony memorystick MSX256'S' Pro from Amazon. The pic showed it a pale orange colour..but its turned up black. Is it the right stick? Why all the confusion with different colours? Then I noticed a model MSX256'N' Pro for a few quid more. It was shown as 'NEW' What the hell is that? Its not on the Sony site at 256MB?

Anyone know what the 'N' is all about. Some info i've read shows its write speed @ opposed to the 'S' @ 160mbps(20MB/sec).

Am I missing something with and MB/sec????

Have I got the latest edition of the 256mb Pro sticks?

Also, and I'm hoping the answer is yes...If I fully chargea battery, then remove it as a spare...will it retain its charge???

Basic stuff I know...but I'm new to this so would appreciate your replies.

Regards...the stupidgrinner.

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