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Edwood Oct 18, 2002 3:31 AM

Help fast! F707+lot of MS or plain F717??
Hello everybody!
I'm going to buy a used F707 with 2x128mb,2x64mb,2x32mb,1x16mb memory stick, but there is at almost the same price a new F717 camera...
I have to decide fast!
I think all that memory is just too much for me, but it could be useful on holidays....

What would you do?? :roll:

normc Oct 18, 2002 9:35 PM

The 717
8) go for the 717. I had a 505v then a Nikon 995 and now the 717 it is the top of the heap.....the memory you can add to later.

sjms Oct 18, 2002 10:39 PM

most of those size mem sticks are sort of a waste. if you have to get a sony get the 717 and pray they finally come out with sticks above 128MB. don't waste your money buying below 128MB either.

bryan661 Oct 24, 2002 8:25 PM

Definately go with the 717 vs the 707.. I love my 707 but would pay $200 U.S. for the upgrade. that would buy you 5-128mb stix.(see So basically you would have to include alot of memory with that used 707 to make it worth it for me..
Either way you would get the best digicam for the money.

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