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I've been using a DSC-F505 for several years and I just upgraded to a DSC-F717. I am an extreme amateur who has had the good fortune of getting some nice pictures due primarily to good locations (lots of travelling). I never subjected my 505 to rigorous testing (e.g., are all colors perfectly replicated), but I got some very nice pictures of flowers, etc. without making any manual adjustments to it.

WELL, now I've been putting this new 717 to the test, and I have a rather disturbing problem: frequently, I am getting poor color reproduction and/or over-exposed pictures. When I shoot indoors and use either flourescent or incandescent white balance, things look pretty good, however, I went to a flower garden nearby to test out color accuracy, and here is some of what happened:

purples => appear more blue or pink than they should, depending on lighting

pinks => appear more white than they should

reds => appeared orange, at least under cloudy conditions

greens (plant leaves) => appear more yellow

sky => appears over-exposed

I was able to correct some of these problems by setting EV to -1.0, but my 505 would have EV set to 0 and look the same. I am shooting in the P mode, with manual or auto focus, and have tried all white balances.

Can too high an exposure cause the color problems that I listed above? Like I said, setting EV down seemed to help significantly. But then the question is, why should it NOT be set to 0 in everyday outdoor conditions??

Can anybody give me advice on what I am doing wrong, or does my camera have a problem (if it has a problem, that to me does not explain why it takes good indoor pictures, so I think it must be some setting or my technique).

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If the skyapears overexposed then you're getting too much light (ie, camera sensitivity/gain is too great).Make sure ISO is set to 100 & throttle back the EV.

Inaccurate colors sound like a camera problem as I can't think of what could cause that in a correctly working camera beyondan incorrectwhite balance setting.

The DSC-F717 I just inhereted is quite sensitive to light too.On an over cast dayEV=0 is enough. An issue I have is that thesharpness processing for this camera (at least my camera) needs recalibration (ie, PIX too soft).Both the range as well as the level for sharpening need to be revised (ie, bias sharpening up so that zero is at the equivalent of +4 plus at least double the avaiable range for this setting). In addition, I find that I have/want to increase the contrast (in addition to sharpening) for all PIX to achieve satisfaction.
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Thanks for the reply. I've been playing around with it some more, and the strange thing is, taking pictures of broad nature scenes has resulted in fine colors. Also, I just walked around my apartment looking at all different color objects and everything looked perfect (with indoor white balance settings). The only strange color behavior occurred when I was taking pictures of flowers.

It's the weirdest thing, because I can't imagine what's so difficult about flowers, since they seem to be the same color as some of the stuff I was looking at in my apartment. Anyway, who knows. I still get good pictures of the flowers and nobody else knows they were slightly different colors in real life :-)
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