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Hi, I've just had a baby and am planning to pick up a new digital camera.

Based on my primary requirements (AA batteries, 3X zoom, some manual options) I have settled on the Sony W1 and the Canon A80.

Thefeatures ofthe W1 that interest me are - compact size, 2.5 inch screen, 5Mp and good looks and probably good picture qualityas well.

The A80 features that I like are - solid reputation, proven quality, swivel screen.

While I have not heard anything negative about the A80, I have heard some reports about the W1 - that the 2.5 LCD may get damaged easily, that the picture quality is not great etc - is this true?

I am very tempted to go with the W1 - it will be great if you can tell me if there is any reason why I should not go for it !!!

Also how useful is the A80 swivel screen?


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I don't know if you've already read this but it may help you. Click the link. :-)

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I looked at both and went with the W1. Many folks forget that what they get is very subjective. I have taken more than 15k photo's with a F-707 and have used a Hass for a number of years for my own pleasure. You need to find what works for you, not someone else. A number of posters get very critical about what the cameras will or will not do. What do you use it for?? What suits your needs? Look at the pro-reviews, use one if you can away from a store, buy what you want...not what someone you do not know thinks you want.

Best of luck
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Check out comments in that other thread indicated below. I think picture quality between the two in my little testing would be a toss-up, and is subjective in many ways. The W1 has a bigger (much) LCD for framing shots of that newborn, and even lets you trim/crop on the camera. The A80 will let you get down low with its swivel LCD, which is a very nice feature - one I've used a lot with my 3 year old grandson. The W1 is lighter and a bit smaller, but the A80 has a better grip. The A80 is a proven design, with a lot of options; the W1 is the latest/greatest with few options.

Either choice would likely make you very happy. If you can, try to find a store that will let you try one or both out, without restocking fee, and post a couple of shots of the baby!

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Be aware the "manual" options on the W1 are very limited and a fiddle to use.

For many point and shoot or family snappers a Fast Shutter or Sports scene mode is more useful than a huge range of manual/aperture priority/shutter priority modes.... and easier to select on the move.

However if you do need all those facilities the W1 is not the camera to buy.

I am still puzzled by Sony's decision toomit a sports setting from the W1.


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