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I am currently looking to upgrade from my old p51 and have decided on either the T1 or W1. I've done some research on various sites, looked at sample photos, but still have a few concerns. I pretty much take my camera with me all over the place, so the photos I take are of a wide variety of indoor, outdoor, day, night, etc with no specific focus for use. Some of the features that interest me are:

-Size/portability. As I mentioned above, I do like to take my camera with me whenever I go out, so the T1 sounds great.

-Resolution. Obviously they are both up there, but during my research, it seems that many say the T1's quality is poor...? I have seen some samples and they look alright to me, but I'd like to hear about that too

-Zoom: I would like the best zoom possible, but I'm not sure how well the T1's zoom feature is. On the oher hand, the W1 can use additional lenses, which I like.

-Manual Shutter Speed: This really has me thinking about going with the W1, I would love to have this feature on one of my cameras again.

So basically, I would be leaning towards the W1, but the sleekness of the T1 still has me undecided. Is there really that much of a difference between the quality of images between both cameras?

Would it be possible for someone to post a couple photos with the zoom in the minimum and maximum settings?

I don't have a store anywhere near me to go and try these out and won't be able to do so for another month, so I appreciate the help...Thanks!!
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I have just recieved my W-1 and like it....I have owned a number of digital cameras, I also took advantage of a $25 rebate from "Best Buy" and a 20%discount on accessories from Sony and purchased a W/A and super telephoto. Since the lenses are small I can fit everything into two pockets. At a wood carving show the focus assist preformed very well both with and without the flash in ordinary room lighting. I am pleased with the W/A as it looks like it will zoom well for framing shots and also has excellent DOF. ....hope this helps?
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I have had my W1 for app. a month now and I am very happy with it.

I also considered the T1 but quickly discarded the idea due to the "fact" that it was horrible in low light conditions.

You can see some W1 pictures in my online photoalbum here:


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I have a T-1 and can suggest there are some issues with it you should satisfy yourself on before going with it.

It's major positive is that it's very pocketable. It also, IMO, takes very good photos if the light is right.

The major negatives are:

1. The flash is weak and the lens is slow. That makes for a lousy indoor camera for all but close-ups within 4 or 5 feet.

2. It tends to blow highlights.

3. The 2.5" LCD screen seems wonderful, and is, except it's the only viewfinder. That means you have to hold the camera out in front of you to compose. That makes holding it still very difficult and results in camera shake very easily. It also makes it rather obvious you're sticking a camera in someones face making candids a little difficult.

4. The LCD screen can be hard to see if the sun is behind you. Since it's the only viewfinder, you're sort of out of luck in those instances.

5. The lack of a protruding lens is neat, but there is a tendency to let your finger drift into the field of view since you can't feel anything there. It's easy to miss this on the light drenched LCD and end up with a messed up frame.

I have the T-1 sitting in the cradle right in front of me and I avoid using it for the above reasons. Frankly, I'm watching for something to replace the T-1 with. I have a Nikon D70 which I dearly love, but wanted the T-1 for pocketability. I'm sorry I didn't go with a little less pocketabilty for my walk around camera, perhaps something like the Canon G5. I haven't held a W1 yet, but the G5 felt pretty comfortable in my hands.

Just one person's experiences.

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SnowScan ! Gorgeous album! Have you enhanced the pictures wuth photoshop or is it straight from the camera?
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