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Old Jun 10, 2002, 7:33 AM   #1
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Default Hey anybody out there with a Sony F707?

I picked one up the other week (Sony F707) and love it so far...Glad its on steves best of 2001! wheewww...made the right choice!
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Old Jun 11, 2002, 9:03 AM   #2
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Default Sony 707

I also just bought the 707, and am very pleased. I had heard some rumors about poor white balance and some problems with the night shot mode. It appears as though some of the early units had a problem Have you heard anything about that?
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Old Jun 11, 2002, 11:17 AM   #3
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I haven't had any problems with white balance, more modes would be nice, but no problems per se. and I havn't use night shot mode much at all so I can't comment. However Issues I have heard about include...

DLS or Dark Left Side (when you take a photo against a white wall and/or the bright blue sky...you can notice the left side of the frame is darker than the middle and right portions of the frame.)

BF or Blue Flash (when you take a photo with flash, the photo is off color with emphesis on blue.)

Me being paranoid re: defects and issues... I tested for these issues right after I purchased the digicam and so far...no problems at all! I'm very happy with my choice, and just recently reccomended the camera to a friend which also purchased one. No feed back from her yet. (shes off to europe in like 3 weeks on vacation, I expect to see some nice photos.)

My only complaint is damn memory sticks max out at 128...but if thats my biggest problem. I'll deal with it. I've heard rumors of larger sticks planned for the future and even heard of once write sticks comming too...we'll see if its just rumor or if theres any truth.

I do have a post on the Add-on Lens forum page...but no replys as of yet. I'd love to get a 2X or 3X Tele for the F707.
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Old Jun 11, 2002, 8:20 PM   #4
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Default i love my sony 707

I purchased my sony 707 a month ago and really love it. I originally had the nikon 5000 coolpix uughhh i returned it to besy buys after a month after explaining to them it was very blurry and very unfriendly for the non manuel guy. I have had three digicams in the past five years stepping up every year or so and have never been more satisfied as i am now. Great movie clips with sound and overall excellant resolution in the image modes. Ihave recommened it as well to a friend as i feel very confident he will like it as well. I am very interested in a tele zoom/converter type attachment but have read maybe this camera doesnt have a stan alone tele? anybody with info let me know i'd love to put a tele on this camera. I've always been a oylmpus guy (first three cameras) but hey!! the sony 707 is the nuts* jcarboski salem mass
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Old Jun 11, 2002, 9:21 PM   #5
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Yeah...me too re: Sony F707 and Tele...

Check out the Add on Lense Forum...I got a post there re: Sony F707 and Tele Lens. I even got a response....

Olympus use to make a 1.7x Tele Lens...its called the B-300 and from what people say it works very well with the sony f707. (a hard to get lense as its discontinued)

I've also heard Olympus has a 1.4x Tele too called tcon 14B.

I need to do more research....
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Old Jun 13, 2002, 7:30 PM   #6
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Default Sony F707 and studio flash

Agree with above comments on this camera re pix quality.
However, trying to sync with studio flash is (perhaps) a bit of a problem, as there is no hot shoe or PC outlet. Please see my post under "Studio Flash" at this site.
Forget strobes and go to quartz hot lights? (I'm an amateur and just want to noodle around taking pictures at home).
Thanks in advance for all replies.

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Old Jun 22, 2002, 3:38 PM   #7
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I have the 707 and shortly after I bought it I knew I had to have telephoto, too. I ended up getting the Sony vclhg1758. It's a 1.7x telephoto intended to go with one of the Sony camcorders and it does cause some vignetting, but when I'm intending to shoot mostly distance shots, it's fantastic. Stupidly, I bought it through SonyStyle and then realized I could get it for over $100.00 less through ecost or etronics (I forget which).
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Old Jul 1, 2002, 7:25 PM   #8
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Hows the sharpness on that Sony 1.7x? Maybe you could post an image or two?
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Old Jul 2, 2002, 1:07 PM   #9
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Default sony 707

after lengthy research I picked up a 707. It has not left my side for a month. It is the digital camera that I was waiting for.

simple enough for a beginner and robust enought for an exspert. makes getting great shots a snap, (forgive the pun).
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Old Jul 2, 2002, 4:40 PM   #10
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Default Add-ons for F707

I'm in the fortunate position of my employer paying for my camera and accessories, and after extensive trawling through the online tests, and trying out a few cameras, I bought the F707 back in November 2001 from a Jessops dealer in Wales, UK.

I turned out to have bought one of the first 707's in the UK that had the blue flash syndrome - try taking a flash photo of a white wall a few times to check. Usually a beautiful duck egg blue results.

After a few hiccups the camera was simply replaced by Jessops with a brand new one which had been checked (black dot on the box next to the serial no.)

Apart from that problem the camera has been faultless on trips into many different environments.

What I have found is that to get the sharpest images you should always use a tripod. On the biggest JPG setting and FINE resolution (and what's the point of having the camera if you don't use it) this makes a big difference to being able to crop sections out of an image and still have a good image to work with.

The Sony dedicated flash is also awesome as well and virtually eliminates red-eye problems. I've taken images in a number of very large spaces and it manages to light them no problem.

I've found that 1 battery is usually enough to fill about 2 128Mb sticks (~110 - 120 images usually) including checking images and deleting a few.

I thought long and hard about getting a portable storage harddrive to download images, but the reality for me is that I don't normally have time to mess about in public and sometimes exposed places and I want the camera to be taking photos not downloading images. So my full kit is now - F707, spare battery, lightweight and compact tripod, 4 128Mb sticks (plus 16Mb that came with the camera), Sony flashgun and the remote commander.

The remote commander I was also unsure about but it's a godsend with a light tripod as it ensures a steady shot. It also allows remote zoom functions and remote on/off of the camera - all of which I use.

I have no photography background at all before this camera, other than a few underutilised 35mm items. It has been one of the best items I have ever purchased - though it is by no means perfect (check out the depth of field in normal auto shots) - as I can now ensure I have at least a passable shot of the building or object I am photographing before I leave the site. The zoom on the review is very useful in this respect, though it doesn't zoom in far enough to ensure the shot is not blurred.

The only other issues are that the camera images are convincing on auto white balance in many situations, but indoors you really ought to shoot a few shots under different white balance settings to check which best suits that particular environment. It does make a big difference to the final images.

Overall a brilliant camera, and even 8 months on it still outperforms any other camera in this part of the market IMO.

Congratulations to all on this list who've bought one - good move
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