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New 1 1/8" CMOS sensor able to record 6.4 Mps at a rate of 60 frames per secnd.

Able to pull a 6.4 still image from video without interrupting the video.

I immediately thought of my old faithful f828. Sony put your sensor in this body, call it an F929 and I will buy it sight unseen.

Here is a link:


**** Check out page 2 !!!!!, a bursting water balloon, amazing.

Keep an eye out for this one.


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Hello, Nicholas.
I'm wondering why you are so enthusiastic about this new sensor?
It might be the beginning of a new bread of a photo/video hybrid cameras and can improve video output of device but it is no way a revolution in a digital photo.

Let's be more practical.
I've curbed my enthusiasm.
Simon G

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Here is why:

The camera can continuosly record what goes thru the lens. It dumps everything in a buffer which holds, lets say 60 images ( 1 second worth, you could make it save only every other image making it 2 seconds worth of frames.)

These buffered frames are erased and added to with each new recorded frame on a continuous basis, so you always have 60 images in the buffer, representing 2 seconds worth of action before your lens.

While all this is going on, you press the shutter, the camera saves to your card not only the frame of your shot but the preceding 30 images and the following 30 images from the buffer, after your shot's frame (the one taken (saved) by your pressing your shutter button.

You download to your PC and you have your choice of frames, one of which likely will capture your subject at peak action.

This is why this is an historic innovation IMHO.

There is a camera on the market that attempts this but not to the speed and quality Sony is claiming to achieve.

The 828 has a 1 1/8" sensor, that is why I suggested Sony place their new sensor in the 828 body. Hopefully they don't need me to remind them (Ha!).

These are exciting times,


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I think they are using this new sensor (or something very similar) in their new new videocameras. This is more of a videocamera thing (60fps progressive) than it is a digicam thing.
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