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Default How to connect Sony DSC-P32 to TV

I purchased a Sony Digital Camera (DSC-P32) last week. I am just trying out the various controls on the camera and I have taken a few shots. I want to connect to the TV and followed the instructions given in the supplied manual. But I am not able to see the pictures on TV.

I have a Phillips TV. I connected the A/V cabe to the video out of the camera, the yellow cable to Video IN of the TV and the black cable to the Audio In of the TV and switched on the TV & Camera, but nothing comes on the TV screen.

Can anyone please explain how to connect? Should I do anything on the camera after switching on both. Any help would be appreciated.
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Make sure the TV is set to display the signal from the AV input instead of the antenna or cable. Some TVs automatically switch to the input when something is plugged into it, and some don't. Also, try changing the setting under "Video Out" in the setup menu. I don't know whether you have NTSC or PAL video (or some other type I don't even know about), but it's possible the camera is set on the wrong one.
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Look closely where you are plugging in the video cable into the tv set. It should be labled with either video 1 or video 2 or something real close to this. Next turn on your camera and put it in the play or review mode. Next find your remote to your TV and look for a button that is called Input. Press this button so that you can toggle through the different video inputs on your tv....this should work for you. Only problem would be if you do not have an "input" button on your remote. Basically, if you have the cable on input 1 on the front or back of the tv...then you need to use your "input" button on the remote and set the tv to the same input. If you do not have an input button. List your remote model number here in the forum, and I will look it up and let you know what button to use. Hope this helps.

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