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Default How to reset info chip on Sony NP-FS11

I had 2 x NP-FS11 batteries - both with v low capacity. Sorry if this is a known fault / cure - if not here,s a possible solution.

---- re set info chip on battery by repeated repowering on camera with flat battery - takes about 15 - 20 on/off's - eventually battery refuses to start up, check that there is 0v on terminals (not 3.2v etc). Info chip will now be re set----

Both baterys now have full life span again? - Sorry if this is an old fauly / fix
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I everyone
i'm from italy, sorry for my poor english

I've a DSC P1
i'm very pleased with it except for poor control of aperture and shutter time with AE modes.

About the battery i have to say that i've the original NP FS11 from about two years.

I noticed that after a long period of "non use" it refuse charge.
Display says that battery is full after few seconds of charging and it obviously shut off after first flash photo.

Howewer i noticed that retrying with the power supply connecting and disconnecting the plug it accept the charge until 180 minutes.

After first charge, it shut off at 60 minutes of residual time from 85 minutes of full charge in still mode.

After second charge camera shut off at 40 minutes of residual time from 86 of full charge in still mode.

After third charge camera shut off at about 20-30 minutes if residual time from 85-88 minutes of full charge.

So charging 3 or 4 time a day it shut of at about 8-10 minutes of residual time from 87-88 minutes of full charge.
THAT is ANNOIYNG howewer my battery can be ... "RIANIMATED"

So if i charge discharge about three times in a day after a long period of non use or if i recharge the battery almost ONE TIME on every day i've about 50 minutes of regular charge for my photos.

Another thing i noticed is that if i use rarely the camera i have the resurrection of battery if i completely discharge it between a charge and another charge and it poorly mantain the carge for two days.

This is my experience with this bad infolithium S sistem.
Anyone could say if any replacement battery (NO SONY) is better?

I'm very pleased with my cam and i don't want sell it but it's time for another battery.
Charging discharging for reanimate is annoying!!!

hi everyone
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