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Default HX5 how to edit, cheap, video on PC?


I have an HX5... love it. Great camera.

Now, I am trying to do some videos in it and I am having some problems...

Windows Vista (sad, I know, but that's what came in my computer)...
I want to do little videos with Windows Movie Maker.

- If I record in M2TS I need to convert...
- If I record in MP4 I need to convert as well...

None of them work directly in Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie Maker under Windows Vista.

In PMB there is an export option for WMV... but, hey, only up to 640x480... well, I got an HD camera for something more than that, right?

Now, as I said, my project is nothing major, so I do not want to spend money in buying Vegas Pro or stuff like that... so, Ive tried several free converters both from M2TS and MP4... passing to AVI, or other formats... but I get tons of problems, specially with the aspect ratio... everything ends up being like transformed to 4x3 from 16x9... and yes, I tried the different formats in the camera.

Soooooooooooooooooooooo, here I am, trying to learn from other user's experience.... How do you pass your HD videos from the camera into Windows Movie Maker and get at the end a properly formatted video?

Thank you very much!!!!

And as I said before... I love the camera... I am just a little bit lost on the video part of it...

By the way, it'd be awesome if PMB would convert to HD WMV or AVI... converting just to lo-def is pretty lame...

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Well, I answer myself as I think I got it working...

First, this applies to:

Windows Vista
Windows Movie Maker 6.0.6002

In Windows 7 everything might easier as I have read somewhere... but I am not 100% sure.

Anyway, in my configuration this is the way to go:

- Record in MP4 1080

- PMB to get the file from the camera into the computer.

- Convert using free Handbrake http://handbrake.fr/downloads.php use the Container MKV and, basically, leave the rest of the stuff as is. Just set the input file and the ouput file. Handbrake tells me that the mp4 recorded with the camera is 1440x1080 but the aspect ratio is 16x9, not 4x3. Why is the camera doing this? It records in 4x3 but sets the aspect ratio to 16x9? Is it a way of cheat the 1080HD and save some bytes?

- Open Windows Movie Maker. In Import video the extension mkv will not appear by default... select *.* and now all the files appear. Select your newly created MKV and... yes it will import it.

- Do your movie and then Publish as 1280x720.

- Upload in Youtube.


- If you publish as 1440x1080, you will not get the proper display aspect ratio in YouTube... although you will see the video perfectly in your computer... I think this has to do with the thing commented above about the pixel resolution vs display aspect ratio... weird...


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Look at this, over two weeks and no answers. I'll give you some information regarding the 4x3 aspect ratio.

It turns out, as you found out, that 1440x1080 is in fact a 4x3 aspect ratio, and that's how the video is recorded by the camera, but is 'flagged' as a 16x9, so that upon playback, it will be "stretched out" to "real" 1920x1080.

The reason it records at 1440x1080 is because the sensor of your camera is in fact 4x3, and is more cost effective for the manufacturer to use those chips than a real 16x9 sensor, which would drive the price of the camera significantly higher.

Many other cameras do the same (Aiptek, some sanyo I belive and countless chinese branded cameras).
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