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Ulises May 30, 2011 5:14 PM

Hx5v or Hx7v ?? (just 50 difference)
Hello all,

I am to buy a compact P&S as a complement to my DSLR and I am confused (as everyone I guess, hehe)

As this new P&S won't be my main camera, I don't expect superb IQ, I just want it to be:

- Pocketable (Hx5v & Hx7v are the max size I want)
- To be great fun (with loads of nice features)
- To have nice IQ (for small prints and view on screen) mainly in low light (as I will mainly use it for nights out, parties, etc...)
- To have nice video

I think both the HX5v and HX7v meet my requirements, and I was going to buy the Hx5v, but I just saw that I can get the Hx7v for just 50 more...

My question is... do you guys think that the Hx7v is worth those 50 more ?

I don't expect the IQ of the HX7v to be better than the Hx5v for having so many MPx in the tiny sensor, but I would be happy with the IQ being at least the same. What I like about the Hx7v are the new features (better HDR, HR panorama, better placed mics, better screen)

Also, do you think that the audio quality of the Hx7v videos is better than the Hx5v ?

Thanks very much for your info :)


set2374 May 31, 2011 6:59 AM

I don't think the megapixel bumb between the hx5 and hx7 is a big deal. The superior auto mode on the hx7 is nice and sound quality on the audio is improved. The hx7 can shoot 3d stills, but that's a feature I will never use. The processor in the hx7 is noticeably faster so shot to shot times are improved. This is only noticeable if you reduce the image size to 10mp on the hx7. The screen is much better on the hx7-- brighter and higher res, but neither screen is particularly accurate. Anyway, the are the main differences. Are these improvements worth an extra 50 euro to you?

Ulises May 31, 2011 2:25 PM

Thanks !

Umm... ok, so I think that better LCD screen, better audio, better HDR & more modes (superior auto, defocus, High resolution panorama) and faster... are worth the extra 50€.
I am going to go for the Hx7v ! :)

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