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I take a lot of landscape photos (mostly mountains when Imhiking and skiing) where I manually set focus to infinity. Ive noticed some strange behavior (described below) that I can only conclude is a bug. Wondering if anyone else has ever noticed this...

Some shots come out blurry and others sharp, but Im always shooting in bright daylight with fast shutter speeds so I rule out camera shake.The subject Im shootingis always at least 1/4 mile away, which I believe is correctly 'infinity' for focusingpurposes.

Somehow I noticed a pattern where shots taken at full wide or tele were sharp but shots at intermediate zoom values were blurry. To test the theory I ran an experiment. I propped a magazine against a wall, set the camera on a table at a measured 2m distance, set focus to 2m and took a sequence of shots at various zooms. To my astonishment the 1 & 4x zoom shots were sharp while the middle-zoom-value shots were blurry - they looked just like focus blur. In the same shot sequence with center-spot autofocus all the shots were sharp!I can only conclude that, with my V3 at least, manual focus does not work with non-limits zoom states!

If anyone is motivated to try this test themselves Id be curious to know their finding (especially if it's with a V3!) Im going to try the same test w/ my W1 soon but I suspect it will do the same thing. Im blown away by this!! :O
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