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RioRico Sep 3, 2008 11:33 PM

Hi all:

I've been sucking-up Sony A/V products for a long time. Betamax, shortwave, Walkmans, MiniDiscs, Handycams, CyberShots, et al. My first digicam (2002) was a 1mpx DSC-P20, which I still use creatively. A couple years later I got the great 5mpx DSC-V1, and a matching DSC-P10 for my wife. A couple years ago she upgraded to the DSC-W7. Alas, when I got my first dSLR a few months ago, I defected to Pentax (better lenses). It's hard to beat the 15mpx K20D, eh?

I really love that V1. I'm on my third, having abused the first two to death. No CCD or screen problems, just rough-and-tumble. I love the manual controls, the NiteShot IR capability, the fast shooting, the crisp Zeiss optics, the sturdy block feel, the zoom range. I often use NiteShot in low light, then scrub-out the sniperscope green and exhume most of the real colors with PaintShopPro. I also got adapter rings to mount IR and B&W filters, which allow use of NiteShot in bright light.

But that 15mpx Pentax dSLR has ruined me for resolution. The V1's 5mpx just ain't enough any more. What I need is a new Sony PnS with the same features and size and heft as the V1, plus maybe B&W and TEXT modes like on my old P20, but in the 8-12 mpx range. I'll ruefully admit to NOT keeping up with all Sony's product announcements. SHAME ON ME!! But since this is a Sony forum, I thought I'd ask:

What's currently most like a V1? What are your suggestions?


Tullio Sep 26, 2008 12:32 AM

I have the V3, which is along the same lines as the V1. I also have the H1, R1, had the H50 but was not impressed by it at all and returned it in less than a week. Recently I bought the A300. To be honest, I haven't bought a small/compact P&S in years. I'm not sure what your priorities are but I can tell you that you will not find any new P&S model that carries the features that the old V1/V3 did. If long zoom is not a must, then I'd suggest the newSony W300 (3x optical zoom and 13 MP of resolution). Take a look at the "Post your fav Sony picture" thread. It's a long one so you can jump to the very last page. Wirraway just posted someshots taken with his new W300 and they are impressive for such a small camera. If you want a long zoom, then I suggest the Panasonic FZ18 or the new FZ28. The Olympus SP570UZseems to be getting some nice reviews as well (my wife has the SP560 and she is very happy with it).Sony also has the H10, which has a 10x zoom lens in a very compact body but the camera has many limitations so I'd stay away from it.

mp3sattack Oct 25, 2008 2:36 AM

I had a V1 for 4 years or so and LOVED it, now i just got a H50, it's a bit bigger than the v1 but it's what i found with the most similar functions to my old camera, it's 9.1 megapixels, the Optical zoom is 15x (V1 was 4x) and the iso reaches 3200, has an sports mode, if you hesitate, read this topic;forum_id=28 made me very happy about the purchase of my H50, now i just wanna go out and play with all the options as i did with my v1 :D

oh the very first new thing i found in it was the smile shutter, always is a problem to take a pic of my mother and with that option, i got her with a wonderful smile, i couldn't believe the ads were true!! hahaha, well read that other post, it's great and has fabulous examples :)

WCKSer Nov 19, 2009 12:53 PM

Love my V1
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I have my DSC-V1 for a long time and still loving it. I have 2 spared generic batteries, an external flash HVL-F1000 and a generic lens tube. It takes sharp, clear pictures and is better than my DSC-H2 and my wife's DSC-W80. There is nothing better than point and shoot camera with a lot of manual controls and capability of using an external flash. I using it for birthday parties and gatherings a lot as well as on my vacation. It has never failed me.

I recently (last week) bought a Canon XSi DSLR, a wonderful camera with lots of features. I don't think I will ever get rid of the V1. It will always have a place in my camera bag for casual shootings and as a backup camera. I just have to get a larger camera case to hold them both.

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