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Default Image "noise" on the DSC-F828

I really don't know why people are going on so much about the DSC-F828's shortcomings. If you check out the sample picture page:-
And download some of the pictures, you'll see that they are nothing less than sensational.
Regarding noise - are we forgetting high speed film? - Didn't that have "noise"? Compare the 64ISO pic:-
With the 800 ISO pic:-
The 800 pic isn't that bad and in many respect gains from the "noise" by appearing to be more like 800ASA film.
Also check out some of the night shots. - They are excellent. I haven't had much better from a well exposed 100asa 35mm film camera.

Only five years ago, such photographic excellence was only a dream. I think Sony have done a sterling job.

Ian Rivlin
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Default Noise and the dreaded purple fringing

I agree with the previous post entirely. I've just got an 828, and I was seriously concerned about the fringing in particular. I've now done my utmost to provoke the thing, and it's nothing like as bad as some people would have you believe.

Yes, you do get fringing sometimes, and when it's bad, it's highly noticeable. But it is NOT even remotely a constant - sometimes, even if conditions are "right" for purple poop, it just ain't there. And remember, you need the "right" conditions - real silhouette effects or very (very!) bright highlights. It simply doesn't exist in the majority of shots. No, it shouldn't be there at all in an ideal world, but nothing is perfect I'm afraid.

And anyway, what was Photoshop invented for? An adjustment layer, a quick whizz with blue/magenta, and you're fixed.

It's an issue - but what digital camera doesn't have issues at this stage in the technology? I've moved up from a Fuji S602 - a marvellous bit of kit in most respects - but with serious deficiencies in some areas. Try a real detail shot of a trees/leaves, or low light rainbow/cloud effects - yuk! The Sony has some issues too, but far less - and t's always a balancing act between resolution, colour balance, price, flexibility etc, etc. My personal performance sum comes out strongly in favour of the Sony. Its list of deficiencies is minimal. A Canon 300D will give better overall picture quality (although it's marginal these days), but it costs a bomb, it's big fat and heavy, and swapping lenses is a pain.

The Sony is a beautifully built, rock solid bit of kit, with slick, intuitive controls, great resolution, brilliant colour saturation, and some seriously cool gadgets. I'm looking forward to getting the best out of it.
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Default Signal to Noise Ratio

Noise is similar to film grain. If noise is a problem in an image, go to Neat Image at www.neatimage.com and read about their noise reduction software. If you are a non-commercial establishment, you may download Neat Image V 3.0 free as a demo.

Click Away,

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You could also try Noise Ninja from:-

and Grain Surgery:-

both are used to reduce GRAIN in photos.
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