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bradjackson Jun 21, 2007 10:19 AM

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I have started playing with the Nightshot mode to take IR-sensitive photos in daylight.

The problem is that once you engage Nightshot, you have no control over any of the settings anymore.

I read somewhere (can't remember where it was now) about setting the Nightshot switch to its halfway position. The switch seems to have a dual purpose, namely it moves the IR filter out of the wayso thatinvisible IR light is no longerfiltered out. The second thing it does is to actually engage the Nightshot mode. This basically "cripples" the camera by preventing you from changing any of the settings like shutter, iso, etc.

Its quite tricky to actually get the switch to stay in the halfway position, but with a little patience and some practise it gets easier.

Once this "halfway mode" is activated, you get a mixture of all the visible light plus invisible IR. The next step is to filter out most of the light except IR. I believe this can be done properly with expensive filters. But, seeing as this was just an experiment, and I didn't have any such filters, I found out that you can manufacture a crude IR filter out of an old floppy diskette (I don't know howwell this works compared to the real thing, but nevertheless, I like the interesting results I am getting). I have attached a photo of my Floppy diskette IR filter

Check out some of my quick and dirty test photos here:

Now I realisea lot ofthe terminology I have used may be incorrect, and I may have many of my facts wrong, seeing as I know nothing about IR photography. So please don't stone me about that, rather correct any details which I may have stated incorrectly. And add anything else I have missed which may add to our ability to get the most out of our Sony cameras

nickphoto123 Jun 22, 2007 5:57 AM


I never tried this. When I do I will have to check in with you for help.

Amazing what you can do with this little camera.


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