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I bought Sony H5 this weekend. I liked the super steady feature of it. But if in auto mode you use slow sync flash or no flash the it appears that for indoor shooting it does not kick in and instead you get a shaking hand which means that you should turn on anti-blur feature or use tripod. I am not sure for indoor low light if image stablization does not kick in the what is the use of anti-blur feature. I though it is mainly useful for taking indoor picture (museum) without flash. If you have no flash or slow sync flash anti-blur does not kick in. I tried some picture on slow sync flash and they were really blurry. DOes anyone have similar experience or try this out.
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This icon ?

This is a shake warning only.

You get the warning icon at certain slow speeds, this is automatic.

It does not mean you are about to get blur or have blur, its just an automatic warning that its a possibility at the low speeds.

You get the warning if the camera is on a tripod and perfectly stable, you get the warning if the stabilisation is on, and you get it if the stabilisation is off.

Its just a warning, an automaticreminder, thats all.

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Put the camera in P mode turn the iso up to 200 , 400 or even 800 if needed and shoot the picture. I shot great pictures in the Smithsonian with no flash by doing these adjustments with the hand in my face the whole day. The manual will tell you what to do if you spend some time with it. I have a Sony H1 and a new alpha100 and they are terrific cameras. I promised my wife I would sell my H1 but I sure do not want to let it go. The H5 will be the best camera you ever had after you learn the controls. Spend a lot of time with the instruction book and practice different settings on the same shot. you will be away from that auto setting very soon. the camera will do much better inthe other settings when you know all the possibilties. C.W.
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